About the NAGs Players

Founded in 1976, the NAGs Players are a non-profit community theatre group with a mission to put on shows that appeal to a broad range of people. We love what we do, and our regular audience members often say this is obvious. We believe in providing value for money, offering price breaks to students and seniors, and supporting a worthy charity. And, of course, like many theatre people, we’re also a bit “out there” sometimes.

Want to be a NAG?

We’re always looking for new members, either on the stage (acting), or behind the scenes (directing, producing, costumes, lighting, sound, music, props, etc.). If you’re interested in joining our eclectic troupe, send us an email to nagsplayers@nagsplayers.com.

About the location

The Tranzac Stage is in the main hall of the Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Avenue, at Bloor. Seating is cabaret style, with full bar service available. Large parties can request guaranteed seating, and special needs seating can be arranged.

NAGs Committee

The NAGs is run by a Committee formed of three Executive positions and a number of Officer positions. Click here to see our role descriptions, but bear in mind there are also “Member at Large” roles that provide general help in different areas according skills/interests. All positions are elected each May at the Annual General Meeting. You can nominate someone or yourself for a committee role just by filling this quick form and we’ll be in touch.

About Pantomime

The NAGs are one of the few community theatre groups in Toronto to present pantomime – a traditional in the UK that is typically performed around the Christmas holidays. We put ours on in February (don’t ask why–even we don’t know!).

Traditional pantomime is based on a nursery rhyme. In general, the plot follows the plot of the nursery rhyme, but there are always good guys and bad guys, a pantomime Dame (a man dressed up as a woman), an animal or two, some questionable singing, some terrible jokes, and a bit of slapstick. While it’s typically for children, there’s always enough sophisticated humour to appeal to the grown-ups, too. Well, OK, some of the humour isn’t that sophisticated… but we end up with a great, entertaining show every time!

Check out the article, written by the late Dan Corcoran for our 20th anniversary, on the history of pantomime: Oh Yes I Can. And have a look at some of our anecdotes from over the years.

For some more references, check out Lazy Bee’s pantomime scripts, and for a detailed history, try this Wikipedia article.

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