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Who are we?

We've beem a community theatre group in Toronto since 1976 (click here for a brief history of the group). We produce three shows a season - a fall play, winter panto and a spring show - at the Tranzac stage.

Click on our Playbill to see upcoming performance dates.

If you have an interest in the theatre or just want to try something new, keep an eye on our web page and come and join us at any of our events. We'd love to have you join the NAGs, so don't be shy!

NAGs Committee

The NAGs is run by a Committee formed of three Executive positions and a number of Officer positions. Click here to see our role descriptions, but bear in mind there are also "Member at Large" roles that provide general help in different areas according skills/interests. All positions are elected each May at the Annual General Meeting. You can nominate someone or yourself for a committee role just by filling this quick form and we'll be in touch.

About Pantomime

The NAGs are one of the few community theatre groups in Toronto to present pantomime - a traditional in the UK that is typically performed around the Christmas holidays. We put ours on in February (don't ask why--even we don't know!).

Traditional pantomime is based on a nursery rhyme. In general, the plot follows the plot of the nursery rhyme, but there are always good guys and bad guys, a pantomime Dame (a man dressed up as a woman), an animal or two, some questionable singing, some terrible jokes, and a bit of slapstick. While it's typically for children, there's always enough sophisticated humour to appeal to the grown-ups, too. Well, OK, some of the humour isn't that sophisticated... but we end up with a great, entertaining show every time!

Check out the article, written by the late Dan Corcoran for our 20th anniversary, on the history of pantomime: Oh Yes I Can!. And have a look at some of our anecdotes from over the years.

For some more references, check out Lazy Bee's pantomime scripts, and for a detailed history, try this Wikipedia article.

How It All Began

Who says rugby players never have good ideas?

In 1976, a few Nomad rugby players and their mates - Maggie and Dave (the Fysh) White, David Ridsdale, Lorna Miller, Pat McAdam, Joe Wray, Gail Beckus, Bernie and Rose Duff and Peter Daly - were having a few drinks at the Tranzac. Discussion moved on from the Nomads' latest performance (brilliant, of course) to acting and the plays they had done back 'ome. And somewhere in between "I remember when" and "you won't believe what happened one night", the Nomads Acting Group (NAGs) was born.

Those brave [read crazy] Nomads put on their first performances of Cupid is a Bum, Is a Bum, Is a Bum and Meet the Folks on April Fools' Day, 1976. The plays were a huge success. We're not certain whether it was the delight of seeing Nomads dressed up as actors, or the fact that the audience could have had a brew or two, but it seems everyone had a great time. So great in fact, the NAGs decided to do another play... and another one... and another one.

Where would we be without those visionaries who "had a go" in 1976, and the actors, actresses, production and front-of-house staff and audiences who together have made us what we are today? We've had many people pass through our ranks. Great friendships have been made - even some great marriages - and children of NAGs have graced our stage. We're an integral part of the Tranzac community and have helped out with Caravan, the Fringe Festival, Flying Cloud and other groups who entertain people and support the arts. We donate the proceeds of our pantomime matinees to charities such as Variety Village, Kids Help Phone and Blessings in a Backpack.

We're always looking for new blood, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to join us. You'll learn a lot about theatre while working with a great group of people.

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