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2016/17 Season

November 2016 The Swan Song: A Study in Terror Mike Johnson
February 2017 Rumpelstiltskin Peter Bond
May 2017 The Garage Sale David King

2015/16 Season

November 2015 Perfect Crime Warren Manzi
January 2016 Alice In Wonderland Lina Minniti/Ginty Burns
April 2016 Opening Night Norm Foster

2014/15 Season

November 2014 Silver Dagger David French
January 2015 Sleeping Beauty Lina Minniti
April 2015 Bedtime Stories Norm Foster

2013/14 Season

November 2013 The Game's Afoot/ Holmes for the Holidays Ken Ludwig
January 2014 The Princess & the Pea Dave B. Harris and Sue Plyte
April 2014 Maggie's Getting Married Norm Foster

2012/13 Season

October 2012 My Narrator & The Death of Me Norm Foster
February 2013 Rapunzel Ginty Burns
May 2013 I'll Be Back Before Midnight Peter Colley


2011/12 Season

October 2011 Deathtrap Ira Levin
February 2012 Goldilox and the Bears Sue T. Plyte and Dave B. Harris
May 2012 Sex, Lies and Quilting Geoff Hargreaves and Marilyn Bullivant

2010/11 Season

November 2010 Egad, The Woman in White Tim Kelly
February 2011 Treasure Ireland Peter Towill / Clayton Beckett
May 2011 Cruisin' through the 60s Variety Show

2009/10 Season

November 2009 The Mumberley Inheritance Warren Graves
February 2010 The Prince and the Pauper Dave B. Harris/Sue Plyte
May 2010 A Cavalcade of... celebrating the 1950s Variety Show

2008/09 Season

November 2008 The Passion of Dracula Bob Hall and David Richmond
February 2009 The Jungle-ish Book Peter Towill
May 2009 Love, Life, and Laughter (1930s/40s) Variety Show

2007/08 Season

November 2007 The Hound of the Baskervilles Tim Kelly
February 2008 The Three Little Pigs Sue Plyte and Dave B Harris
May 2008 A Victorian-style Music Hall Revue Variety Show

2006/07 Season

October 2006 Don't Dress for Dinner Marc Camoletti
February 2007 The Emperor's New Clothes Lina Minniti
May 2007 How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourne

2005/06 Season (30th Anniversary)

October 2005 No Sex Please, We're British Anthony Marriott/Alistair Foot
February 2006 Hansel & Gretel, eh? A Canadian Pantomime Ginty Burns/Sue Plyte/ Dave B. Harris
May 2006 The Odd Couple Neil Simon

2004/05 Season

October 2004 The Mousetrap Agatha Christie
February 2005 Snow White and the Several Dwarfs Sue Plyte/Dave B. Harris
May 2005 Round & Round the Garden (The Norman Conquests, Pt. 3) Alan Ayckbourne

2003/04 Season

October 2003 Cash on Delivery Michael Cooney
December 2003 Snow White - the "Pantolet" Sue Plyte/Dave B. Harris
February 2004 Arthur and the Knights of the Awkward Table Lina Minniti/Johnny Blue
May 2004 Living Together (The Norman Conquests, Pt. 2) Alan Ayckbourne

2002/03 Season

October 2002 The Amorous Ambassador Michael Parker
February 2003 Tom the Piper's Son  
May 2003 Table Manners (The Norman Conquests, Pt. 1) Alan Ayckbourne

2001/02 Season

October 2001 Holiday Snap John Chapman
February 2002 Robin Hood  
April 2002 Funny Money Ray Cooney

2000/01 Season

October 2000 Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Christopher Petz
November 2000 Music Hall Mayhem (revue) Rick Davey/Marilyn Bullivant
February 2001 Jack and the Beanstalk  
April 2001 Run For Your Wife Ray Cooney

1999/00 Season

October 1999 For Auld Lang Syne/Christmas Cards (orig. scripts) Dan Corcoran
February 2000 Aladdin  
May 2000 Out of Order Dan Corcoran
May 2000 Who Wants to Bury a Millionaire (original script) Dan Corcoran

1998/99 Season

October 1998 Let's Murder Marsha Monk Ferris
February 1999 Little Boy Blue  
May 1999 The Odd Couple (female version) Neil Simon

1997/98 Season

October 1997 Pools Paradise Philip King
February 1998 Olde King Cole  
May 1998 Look, No Hans John Chapman/Michael Pertwee

1996/97 Season

October 1996 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
February 1997 Humpty Dumpty  
April 1997 Natalie Needs a Nightie Neil & Caroline Schaffner

1995/96 Season (20th Anniversary)

October 1995 There Goes the Bride John Chapman/Ray Cooney
December 1995 Four Plays for Coarse Actors John Chapman/Ray Cooney
February 1996 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe  
April 1996 Tons of Money Alan Ayckbourn

1994/95 Season

November 1994 Sing On! Rick Abbot
February 1995 Ali Baba  
April 1995 Black Comedy Peter Shaffer

1993/94 Season

November 1993 Don't Just Lie There, Say Something Michael Pertwee
February 1994 Follow the Yellow Brick Road Lina Minniti
May 1994 Rumors Neil Simon

1992/93 Season

October 1992 Lend Me a Tenor Ken Ludwig
February 1993 Simple Simon  
May 1993 Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii Allan Stratton

1991/92 Season

November 1991 The Mumberley Inheritance Gordon Jones
February 1992 Cinderella  
May 1992 A Turn For the Nurse Rick Abbot

1990/91 Season (15th Anniversary)

November 1990 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat A. Lloyd Webber/T. Rice
February 1991 Babes in the Wood  
May 1991 It Runs in the Family Ray Cooney

1989/90 Season

November 1989 Off With His Head
Foiled By An Innocent Maid
Frank Priore
Fred Carmichael
February 1990 Red Riding Hood  
May 1990 There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney/John Chapman

1988/89 Season

November 1988 Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Christopher Petz
February 1989 Hickory Dickory Dock  
May 1989 See How They Run Ray Cooney

1987/88 Season

November 1987 The Butler Did It Tim Kelly
February 1988 Mother Bruce  
May 1988 The Missing Link Jack Sharkey

1986/87 Season

November 1986 Exit the Body Fred Carmichael
February 1987 Dick Whittington  
May 1987 June Groom Rick Abbot

1985/86 Season (10th Anniversary)

September 1985 The Mind with the Dirty Man Jules Tasca
November 1985 Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett
February 1986 Peter Pan  
May 1986 Not Now Darling Ray Cooney/John Chapman

1984/85 Season

November 1984 But Why Bump Off Barnaby Rick Abbot
February 1985 Sleeping Beauty  
May 1985 What the Butler Saw Joe Orton

1983/84 Season

November 1983 Tomb With A View Norman Robbins
February 1984 The Grand Old Duke of York  
May 1984 Play On Rick Abbot

1982/83 Season

November 1982 The Walrus and the Carpenter
Woman Alive
Noel Langley
John Tully
February 1983 Alice in Wonderland  
May 1983 Tons of Money Alan Ayckbourn

1981/82 Season

November 1981 Curse You Jack Dalton
Visitor From Forest Hills (from Plaza Suite)
William Braun
John Tully
February 1982 Snow White  
May 1982 I'll Get My Man Phillip King

1980/81 Season

November 1980 Ambiguity
Frustration (Sex On the Sixth Floor)
John Patrick
February 1981 Jack and the Beanstalk  
May 1981 Not Now, Darling Ray Cooney/John Chapman

1979/80 Season

November 1979 Nobody Wants to Know
Hooray for Adam Spelvin
Who's Looking After the Mice
Cleve Haubold
February 1980 Aladdin  
May 1980 Move Over, Mrs. Markham Ray Cooney/John Chapman

1978/79 Season

October 1978 Coming Round the Mountain
Ernie's Incredible Illucinations
Alan Ayckbourn
January 1979 Robin Hood  
May 1979 The Mind with the Dirty Man Jules Tasca

1977/78 Season

November 1977 Habeas Corpus Alan Bennet
January 1978 Cinderella  
May 1978 The Full Treatment Michael Brett

1976/77 Season

October 1976 Egad What a Cad!
Terror Stalks Tonight
Anita Bell
John Kirkpatrick
April 1977 Castle of Mr. Simpson
Aw, Sweet Mystery
Charles Marowitz

1975/76 Season

April 1976 Cupid Is A Bum Is A Bum
Meet the Folks
John Kirkpatrick
Buck Hakes

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